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Northern Noize.

Vocals that punch, Mixes that SLAP!




We can accommodate vocalists & singer/songwriters in-house.

For bands/clients with larger needs we work with another local facility with a live-room.

Mixing is done mainly ITB (in the box) in ProTools using the latest plug-ins and techniques.

Please provide reference tracks to give a guideline of your vision.

'Hybrid Mastering' combines the best digital processes with the addition of outboard pieces of gear to achieve final balance, loudness and stereo witdth.


About Us

Northern Noize is located in Northern WI,
just outside the city of Eau Claire.
Music is our job. But more importantly, Music is our passion.
We focus on giving you the biggest sound possible,
and take pride in every project we have the pleasure of working on.
From Lo-Fi and vintage sounds, to modern pop.  We utilize the newest
tools and techniques available with today's technology
in combination with some of the most proven tools of the past!
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Ready to request a quote? 


Call us at 1-715-256-7795

or fill out the contact form & we’ll get you rolling!

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My goal was for the song that I'm working on to be very professional sounding.  The studio quality/audio fidelity that northern noize provided is just what I had in mind.  I definitely plan to do more work with northern noize on future projects. 

- D. Green


Awesome person to work with!  I had a video with terrible quality audio that was cleaned up nicely.  Very short wait time, as well.  I highly recommend and will use again!

-Pat F.

Thanks for an excellent Master!  The music is loud and poppin!

- Victor Holm

Great work and in a very timely fashion!

-PSD Musik

Jordan's attention to detail is exceptional.  I really like what you did for "Let It Roll" thank you!


-Boston Catalano


Mixing - Demo Reel - 2020
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Demo Reel

Below is a mash up of songs I mixed in 2020.  All songs start with the unmixed version and then transition to the final product.  ENJOY!

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