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About Northern Noize

Northern Noize is located just outside the city of Eau Claire, located in Northern Wisconsin. 
We utilize both vintage modled analog gear
with the most modern digital tools and techniques.
Music is our job. But more importantly, Music is our passion.
We focus on giving you the biggest sound possible,
and take pride in every project we have the pleasure of working on.

About Jordan

Jordan Hoversholm is an Audio Engineer from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 
Growing up in a modest sized city surrounded by farmland meant listening to all genres of music.  From outlaw-country, alternative metal, swing/vocal jazz, Grunge to G-Funk. Hearing "Regulate" by Nate Dogg and Warren G for the first time at an early age planted a seed that wouldn't sprout until later.
In 5th grade Jordan took his first piano lessons, to get a head-start on reading music for band the next year.  In Middle School he played the Trumpet for all 3 years.  This soon led to playing guitar, and also background/lead vocals for some late middle school and early high school cover bands.  Playing songs from Deftones to songs by NoFX.  This transitioned to listening to more Rap music as Midwest artists started to flourish in an industry once dominated by either coast.  Chicago artist Twista was making waves with "Adrenaline Rush" and "Mobstability" and Nelly was on the cusp of super-stardom.
In High School electronic classes piqued the interest or someone fascinated with music and sound, and how it related to the recording and reproduction of music.  About the time of getting his first car, the natural fascination of car audio would flush itself out.  This is at a time some consider the golden-era of rap, the early 2000's.  Hearing the Dr. Dre's "Chronic 2001" thru high-end amplifiers and speakers sealed the deal for a career in audio for Jordan.

After High School and attending the local Technical College for business & Marketing, he packed up to Madison, WI to enroll in Madison Media Institute.  In 2011 Jordan graduated with honors, Receiving an Associate Degree in Music and Recording Technology and Avid ProTools Certification.  From graduation until now Jordan has been a freelance Audio Engineer and staying active in the audio community as a part of W.A.E. Wisconsin Audio Engineers Group (formerly W-AES Wisconsin Audio Engineering Society).
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