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The finishing touch, which is typically applied to a 2 track, single stereo-file.  Similar to mixing, methods like compression, EQ and even saturation, etc. are applied to achieve the proper tonal balance.  It is done on a "macro level" as opposed to the "micro" changes in mixing.  Lastly, volume is maximized to -14 LUFS in accordance with streaming standards.

  1. Stereo Master - $30

    • Single Stereo file only (2-track)

  2. Stem Master Plus - $49

    • Beat/Instrumental Stereo File
    • Vocal Stem Stereo file (wet & dry)
  3. Stem Master Pro/Hybrid Mix - $99

    • Beat Stems/Subgroups (up to 7)

    • Vocal Stem Stereo file (wet & dry)

YouTube Examples

  • Adam A7X's for main near-field monitors

  • PreSonus T10 Tremblor Subwoofer

  • ATXm50x Headphones

  • All hand-soldered cables Mogami Gold/Canare quad-sheild

  • Universal Audio (UAD)

  • SoundToys 5 Bundle

  • Slate Digital

  • Tokyo Dawn Labs

  • Fab Filter
  • Waves
  • iZotope Ozone
  • SoftTube
  • Aston Origin

  • Audio Technica AT4040

  • Blue Baby Bottle

  • Cascade Elroy (tube mic)

  • DIY.RE CP5 preamp

  • Klark-Teknik EQP-KT passive tube EQ (x2)

  • Dbx-160A compressor (x2)

We offer several packages, in hopes we can find the perfect fit for every artist.

Depending if you have a full-trackout, stems/subgroups, or 2-track instrumental;

and if the vocals are individual tracks or just a processed stem, determines the right fit.

Let's start with vocals!  If you would like us to mix your vocals, chances are that the package that best fits you is going to be in the mixing section.  Determine whether you have a Stereo file for a beat (common practices for beat-leases) or if you have Stems/Subgroups (e.g. "drum group" "Synth Stem" etc.) or full track-out mix of every individual instrument (e.g. "Kick in", "Snare top","Clap","Rhodes" etc.)   For vocals that are already processed, go to mastering packages.

Traditional mastering is typically done to a 2-track single stereo file in which of all of the vocals, all instruments along with any effects are printed/exported into what is referred to as the "final mix", any and all processing happens to every element.

The Stem Master Plus allows slightly more control, allowing separate processing for the vocal stem and instrumental.

The Stem Master Pro/Hybrid Mix is allows this to go a step further, and the ability to process all of the stems individually, and maintain control over their relative place in the mix.  Keep in mind for any "STEM/SUBGROUP" mix or master package that we are not able to deconstruct the stems in any way to fix any issues attached to the stems/subgroups themselves.

  1. Stereo Mix & Master - $99

    • Stereo Beat (2-track)

    • Vocal Tracks (up to 20)

  2. Stem Mix & Master - $125

    • Beat Stems/Subgroups (up to 7)
    • Vocal Tracks (up to 20)
  3. Track-out Mix & Master - $149

    • Individual instrument tracks (up to 20)

    • Vocal Tracks (up to 20)

  4. Track-out Mix & Master - $199

    • Individual instrument tracks (up to 40)

    • Vocal Tracks (up to 40)

Creating stereo-width and establishing the relationship of every track's place in the mix.  Panning, automation, EQ, compression (multi-band, side-chain, parallel), saturation, analog emulation and distortion are used to shape the song.  Then reverb/delay and other time-based effects are applied to create space and depth to achieve the final mix.


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